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We can supply hardware, software, peripherials and consultancy services which cover all of your IT needs and work with organisations of all sizes. We offer assistance and advice on all aspects of your IT systems and we work in conjuction with many of the largest hardware and software vendors to ensure that you have a reliable, well designed IT systems that you can depend on 24/7 all year round, leaving you free to concentrate on the smooth operation of your business.

Whether you need assistance with your current email systems, new VPN or Broadband connections or a complete redesign of the way your antivirus solution is provided or store/backup your business data, Technodrive Computers Ltd can help.

For smaller companies we can implement Microsoft Small Business Server, a straight forward solution that meets all of your basic IT needs. We have solutions to suit all budgets and a good understanding of how IT should be working for you and your employees. Please feel free to contact us for a no obligation quotation.

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Why not let technodrive take care of all your IT needs.

image We offer flexible IT support based on hourly, half daily and daily rates and for urgent issues we can often assist by connecting to your systems remotely on the same day. We also offer out of hours and weekends service.

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We understand importance of IT in the mordern business world & exploit technologies to provide value to clients.

As Internet connectivity has improved and newer technologies being implemented in this area we also offer telecom solutions with our vendors using VOIP - SIP Trunks.

A SIP trunk is best considered as an IP phone line, similar to existing telephone lines but provided over a broadband connection rather than a typical copper/cable line.

Typically SIP Trunks will be supplied as an alternative to ISDN 2 or ISDN 30 lines. The latest telephone systems usually accept the direct connection of SIP Trunks in the same way as ISDN. Some older systems may need a converter box which enables them to be treated as if they were ISDN circuits.

SIP trunks typically suit greenfield phone system installations, ie: new sites or existing sites being upgraded for the years to come. SIP Trunks significantly reduce the cost of ISDN line rentals but a typical installation may also have ISDN lines as a backup.

Benifits: Lower install and rental costs than ISDN, ability to add channels quickly and easily with the benifit of free calls between connected group SIP or Featureplus sites. Also upscale or downgrade capacity of lines without any penalties with no time lags and massive expenditure.

Commitment & working Relationship

We genuienly strive for excellence in everything we do to the highest possible standards no matter what the costs. We understand that a good reputation can be worth a thousand quick sales. Honesty and integrity are paramount to us. Our clients will happily confirm this ethos and you are free to contact them to confirm this.

We understand that many people starting up own new business work day jobs and therefore cannot communicate with us during normal working hours and we have taken this into account. We ensure that emails and mobiles are monitored after standard closing time for emergencies and special arrangements made for clients during bank holidays and extended holiday/festive seasons.

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